Gemstone jewellery

Handmade gemstone earrings

Beaded crystal necklace and bracelet

Silver jewellery


Your jewellery is a reflection of your inner beauty.

Zodiax stocks a variety of beautiful and intriguing jewellery, including:

  • Zodiax gemstone jewellery – unique pieces handcrafted from beautiful crystals that suit a range of purposes;
  • Beaded and crystal jewellery – locally made necklaces and bracelets made of a range of colourful beads and crystals; and
  • Stirling silver jewellery – interesting and meaningful silver pieces that pique the curiosity.

Pay a visit to Zodiax and discover unique jewellery that speaks to your personality and individual style.

For a closer look at our range of jewellery, drop into Zodiax in Vic Park or contact us on (08) 9470 6076.