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Crystals - tumblestones, specimens and statues

Heal your life with the metaphysical properties of crystals.

Drawn from the ground, crystals are used to replenish your body and mind through connection with the earth’s own energies.

From amethysts through to turquoise, the many crystals inside Zodiax fit a variety of needs. Whether it’s assisting with illness, soothing anxiety or focusing the mind, a crystal exists for almost any purpose imaginable.

Among the range of crystals at Zodiax are:

  • Amethysts – used to enhance psychic and channeling abilities, and are excellent for meditation, inspiration, and healing;
  • Bloodstone – used to enhance physical and mental vitality while reducing emotional stress;
  • Clear quartz – an emotional balancer that dispels negative energy in one’s energy field and environment;
  • Rose quartz – the “love stone” that helps clear stored anger, resentment and allows forgiveness and compassion;
  • Selenite – used to promote clarity of the mind and concentration while soothing the nerves;
  • Tourmaline – a strong protective influence used to strengthen and vitalise body and mind.

Each crystal comes in a number of shapes. Select the crystal that will best benefit you and use it for meditation, bringing positive energy into the home or carrying close to your body throughout the day.

For a closer look at our range of crystals, drop into Zodiax in Vic Park or contact us on (08) 9470 6076.