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Books, oracle cards and tarot cards

Seeking knowledge and guidance? Step into a world of spirituality and learning by opening a book, a pack of tarot cards or a box of oracle cards.

The variety of books at Zodiax cover subjects ranging from crystal meanings to healthy living. Our favourites include:

    • You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay,
    • The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, and
    • The Goddess Diet by Larrian Gillespie.

For a more individual learning experience, oracle cards and tarot cards appeal to those seeking insight and guidance. Tarot cards aid in answer-seeking by way of four distinct suits of cards, while oracle cards provide a simpler and more positive-leaning way to find inspiration.

For a closer look at our range of books and cards, drop into Zodiax in Vic Park or contact us on (08) 9470 6076.