Zodiax aromatherapy products

Rituelle soaps

The Meditation range

Some of the aromatherapy products at Zodiax.

Delight the senses and calm the mind with soaps, candles and oils.

Whether it’s for massage, bathing or simply filling the home with natural aroma, the calming scents of our aromatherapy products are a recipe for relaxation.

A plethora of products fill the shelves of the aromatherapy section in Zodiax. Among them are:

  • The Meditation range – a delightful collection of soaps, oils, candles and skin-care products;
  • Urban Rituelle – high quality vegetable soaps in a range of distinctive scents;
  • Zodiax essential oils – our own massage and burning oils, including such favourites as eucalyptus and frankincense.

Ready to relax and unwind? Come and discover a world of peaceful scents at Zodiax.

For a closer look at our aromatherapy range, drop into Zodiax in Vic Park or contact us on (08) 9470 6076.